Membership renewal using Mastercard never works

Another year, another membership renewal failure.
Does anyone else have this? For a couple of years in a row now I'm unable to use my Mastercard to renew my membership. Using a Mastercard issued by another bank also doesn't work. I can use these cards to buy merchandise and tickets through the website. I can use the cards while traveling in USA and anywhere else. Just renewing my membership is a no go :s
The only option I seem to have is to use my partner's Visa card instead.
Last year I've done lots of effort to figure out what could be wrong. I contacted the bank, Mastercard, Tenclub,... All I could figure out was that according to the bank the CCV code was wrong (even though I triple-checked that several times). Besides that all of them say "there's nothing wrong on our side".

So I just want to check on the forum now if anyone else had a similar problem when using Mastercard?

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