Driving home

There's this empty mountain road
trees of green, gold, orange
light mist if it's early
sunshine as the day wakes up
not many people around this place
Peace is the King, naturally
there must be a lot of animals hiding in these hills!
I believe it's the modern Frontier
the empty interior states with low population
No one wanted to move here I guess
Was life too hard?
Were the places too remote?
An old train line helped 100 years ago
but they only pass through with freight now
as we climb another mountain
I notice only open space
our electronic map is blank green
there's nothing built around this road
trees and sky and rocks
only the car's path we are driving on
How did I get to this place?
just a few hours from where we live
there's a surprising large hidden pocket of empty land
and there's no apparent damage, I'm glad
where I grew up, every inch of land was congested
this openness I saw today
it feels pure 


  • rollingsrollings unknownPosts: 6,809
    Perfectly written, just perfect

    Thank you 
  • justamjustam Posts: 21,306
    Thanks for reading it rollings. 
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