Small tube amp for home use recommendations

Hey PJ family,

My wife recently made the tough decision on making me sell my fender hot rod deluxe. She said it was way to loud and obnoxious. We have three kids and I am looking for something I can play with them home. But, crank up if they aren’t. Anyone have a similar problem at home lol? Also, I would highly prefer a tube amp. 




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    Oh man! Bummer about the Hot Rod.

    If you liked the way it sounded, the Fender Super Champ X2 has a model of that and of 15 other amps. It also has a tube power section (2x6v6).

    Vox AC4 or AC10 are both good amps if you like the brighter, jangly British tone.

    Marshall and Blackstar both make low wattage tube amps too. It really depends on your budget and the type of tones you're after. 

    Also, the Orange Terror series are great for higher gain, rock and metal if that's your thing. 

    A friend of mine has an Orange Crush 35 that can get ridiculously loud when needed and it has a very wide and usable gain range on the dirty channel. It's solid state but it sounds surprisingly tube like in the way it compresses and sags when pushed.

    Probably best to take your guitar to the store and try a bunch of different models. 

    Good luck! Lots of options for you for sure. 

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    Orange Tiny Terror and PPC112 can make s great tube combo for home use, and since you can switch between 7 and 15 watts, loud enough for small auditorium.
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    Does it need to be a combo?  Check out the Mesa Mini Rectifier , The Friedman JJ Jr, or the BluGuitar Amp1 
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    Fender blues Jr is a great little tube amp!!!! 
  • pulling69pulling69 KIAD Posts: 976
    The monoprice is a cheap beast.
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