Value of Selling Merch

Hey all. I’m looking to sell some of my merchandise. I’m starting to run out of room and would like to use the money for one or two pricier items instead. I have no idea what to ask and need some advice. I’m looking to sell these below and the price I’m estimating.

Ten Club 2017 Red Stickman shirt (worn 5x) - $15
Lets Play Two small pennant - $18
World Tour 2018 black Flaming Pearl Jam logo shirt (never worn) - $33.
Chicago 2018 Bullhead pin - $4



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    jefftjefft Posts: 654
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    It’s tough to price because I want to be fair but also understand that merchandise is often what other people would pay.
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    F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commets Posts: 30,691
    Shirts from 15-100 depending on shirts, condition. 
    No idea on pennants and pins as I never purchased any of those here.
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    Good feedback thanks. They are Ten Club and recent tour shirts so I’m thinking closer to the $15 side.
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