FS: Almost Complete 2000 Official Bootleg CD Set (68 out of 72 shows) - PRICE REDUCTION

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Here is an instant collection of 2000 Official Bootlegs. These are all from my personal collection, stored in a smoke free home.  I had worked my way up to an almost complete 2000 tour but fell just short by 4 shows.  I was asking $10 each ($680) but will now let these go at $8 per show which is $544 for the set.

2000 – Official Bootleg Collection 68 of 72 Shows – Asking $544 (which is $8/set).  Missing #55 Kansas 10/12/2000, #59 Lubbock 10/18/2000, #60 Albuquerque 10/20/2000, #69 Portland 11/2/2000.   Selling these as a lot.  Most are unplayed and all jackets are in NM or M condition.  Ask if you have specific questions about a jacket or disc.

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  • southpsouthp Posts: 189
  • southpsouthp Posts: 189
    Bump one last time. Still have this 2000 Official Bootleg collection. Open to offers but would like to sell as a lot. 
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    Surprised this hasn't gone yet.. really good deal for mostly new IMO 
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    PM sent
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    I frickin love seeing these 2000 boot sets. Nice work on the collection. Hope they sell. Great price I'd say.
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  • southpsouthp Posts: 189
    evsgjamm said:
    I frickin love seeing these 2000 boot sets. Nice work on the collection. Hope they sell. Great price I'd say.
    Thanks... I know i got so close to completing the set.  They are still available. Open to offers.
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    I'm still missing 15 trying to complete my set.

    Good luck with your sell, $10 each is a deal.
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    Bump.  I had a few tire kickers but nothing yet.  
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  • southpsouthp Posts: 189

  • MedozKMedozK TennesseePosts: 7,558
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    Someone should get these, $10 each is a deal.
  • southpsouthp Posts: 189
    Still available if anyone is interested. Open to offers.
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    I think I know where theres a Lubbock... :peace:
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    Looks like All 4 of the missing ones are on Discogs from $6 to $35 if anyone is hesitating to buy because it's incomplete. You'd be able to polish it off for about $80 after shipping...
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    This is a hell of deal, man, but I am just filling gaps these days. Good luck!
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  • southpsouthp Posts: 189
    Bump. Still available. Open to Offers.
  • edoconedocon Posts: 183
    PM sent.
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