ISO 2003 Cincinnati Ames Poster (and an in depth reason as to why you should trade it to me!!)

MEK42MEK42 Posts: 94
Hey all,

I know this is a stretch because it seems like this one is getting rarer and rarer. I'll never be able to afford the crazy prices this can sometimes go for, so I'm hoping that a fellow PJ fan might find it in their heart to help me out. I run the YouTube channel Too Many Records where I talk about my passion for music, and specifically vinyl. I talk about PJ all the damn time because they're my favorite band. 

Ever since I saw the 2003 Cinci... I knew I had to have it. It's a hybrid of my two favorite things, vinyl and Pearl Jam. I even went as far as to email the Ames Brothers to see if they had any extra copies lying around. They dug for me, came up empty, but Brandon said he put my channel on with his 8 year old and they were watching it! So cool.

So yeah... I know that occasionally this poster can go for big bucks. If that's what you're looking for, this thread isn't for you. I have a TON of records as you guys know (mostly rare modern stuff, not a ton of classic beater type stuff), as well as some PJ posters and shirts, and I'm hoping that maybe I could find someone willing to expand their vinyl collections in exchange for the Cinci. Or a trade plus some $$$. I am just hoping someone wants to work with me and make my dreams come true with proudly displaying this poster in the background of all my videos moving forward. I know this community can be extremely generous sometimes, so I have to throw my hat in the ring.

I appreciate anyone who's read this far!

Here are my two previous Pearl Jam mystery box unboxings if you were curious:

And a 3 part PJ discography discussion I did on my podcast just to show how much I love this band:


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