Any girls out there can help me with a small favor

so I do a annual football fantasy draft and usually I make a video of me picking names out of hat for spots in the draft 1-10. And I was hoping for a couple of cute girls over 21.  to voulunteer and making a small video of you picking team names out of hat. After 10 years of me doing these guys in my league are tired of the seeing me do it and wasn’t hoping to spice it up this year. Guys rather see girls picking there team name then me. One day maybe I can return the favor. 


  • hedonisthedonist standing on the edge of foreverPosts: 20,540
    I'm out the running, but I sure do hope you find those cute girls.

    Let us know if you need suggestions or guidance on how they can use their wiles to choose the teams.
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