Seattle Homeless Tents

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I recently saw a picture of a flyer going around downtown Seattle to report any homeless tents to get them removed.  This does not solve the problem. Once the tents are removed, they are still on the flipping street!  Wanted to know what people think that live in the city.  And if any of the extended family from the PJ crew what their thoughts on PJs last two Seattle shows for the homeless and how its going.
10/30/2000 marysville ca, binaural
10/20/2001; 10/21/2001 bsb 15, mt. view, ca
6/1/2003 mt. view ca, riot act
10/25/2003; 10/26/2003 bsb 17, mt. view, ca,
7/16/2006 bill graham civic, san fran
7/18/2006 bill graham civic, san fran
10/21/2006; 10/22/2006 bsb 20, mt. view, ca,
8/28/2009 golden gate park, outlands fest, sf
10/23/2010; 10/24/2010,bsb 24, mt. view, ca,
10/26/2012 bsb 26 ed solo, mt. view, ca,
11/26/2013 oracle arena oakland, ca (my 30th bday),
10/25/2014; 10/26/2014 bsb 28, mt. view, ca.
8/13/2018 Missoula, MT Rock the Vote


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    This looks more like an AMT post.
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    I think it is disgusting...
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