Payment declined email

I got an email this weekend regarding my membership auto-renewal, which is due today, saying the following:

We have attempted to charge the credit card you have on file with Ten Club. However, the payment attempt has failed.To update your payment information, please log in and go to MY ACCOUNT, select MEMBERSHIP, then click on UPDATE PAYMENT INFO and submit your current billing details.The site will try again in 48 hours to process your renewal. Please look for an email notification.

I'm just curious why I had no problems last week when I ordered the Easy Street Vinyl My payment (same payment method) went through just fine. But a couple days later the payment attempt failed? The card is good until 2023. Nothing changed between the order I placedlast week, and the auto-renewal attempt on Saturday.

 I updated my payment info anyway yesterday, so hopefully it will process fine when it tries again.

Just thought it was weird...


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