Music Publisher or Music Library?

Hey friends, Have any of you original artists looked into publishing deals or putting your songs in a music library. 
I’m honestly not certain which of the two would be the best for me right now. My ultimate goal is to be a professional songwriter. I’m a realistic guy. 37 year olds with a ten year old (the kid in my adorable avatar...ha!) and a brain disease. Signing with a label and being a touring act just isn’t in the cards for me. BUT...I write catchy tunes and melodies. Commercial ready, TV cue ready, poppy stuff. 
So here’s my conundrum. I have one album. There are catchy tunes on there. I have the second one coming out later this year. The second one was 90% written for the sole purpose to shop for placements or other artists to record. I would still like to release the upcoming album but I’m shopping them like crazy.
Now, what is the best route to take in your opinions? Is a publisher the best route? Or should I look further into music libraries around the world? 
Forgive my cluelessness. I’m still learning all of this but have learned a lot reading all of the posts here and I would really appreciate any sort of guidance. Thanks so much. 
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