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Drummers - and lots of them.

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Hi all

10 years ago today (13th July 2009) we held an event called “Stick it to MS”. It was a Guinness World record and saw 582 drummers playing together to raise money to help fund research into finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

This came about after I saw a clip on YouTube of 533 drummers all playing together in Seattle at an event called “Woodstick”. As a drummer it looked like the coolest thing i’d ever seen and I thought someone in the UK should do it. To cut a long story short it became an obsession and basically we organised it ourselves. (We also did it again in 2012 with 798 drummers in Manchester - Between the 2 events we raised £165,000)

To commemorate the 10th Anniversary we have released a documentary of how it all came together onto YouTube.

Hope you’ll check it out

 Rick and Karen

Birmingham 2009 582 Drummers
Manchester 2012 798 Drummers!!

Raising money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society
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