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Hi all

10 years ago today (13th July 2009) we held an event called “Stick it to MS”. It was a Guinness World record and saw 582 drummers playing together to raise money to help fund research into finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

This came about after I saw a clip on YouTube of 533 drummers all playing together in Seattle at an event called “Woodstick”. As a drummer it looked like the coolest thing i’d ever seen and I thought someone in the UK should do it. To cut a long story short it became an obsession and basically we organised it ourselves. (We also did it again in 2012 with 798 drummers in Manchester - Between the 2 events we raised £165,000)

To commemorate the 10th Anniversary we have released a documentary of how it all came together onto YouTube.

Hope you’ll check it out https://youtu.be/-ykdsQFEfFw

 Rick and Karen 

Birmingham 2009 582 Drummers
Manchester 2012 798 Drummers!!

Raising money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society
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