FT State College 03 Poster ISO list included

ST66483ST66483 Posts: 373
As the title suggests I have the 2003 State College poster for trade and iso the following (in preferred order).

1 Montreal Ames 2003
2 Toronto Klausen 2006
3 Toronto Ames 2006
4 Buffalo Maxx242 2010
5 Tulsa Ames 2014
6 Detroit Munk One Joe Louis 2014
7 Toronto Veca 2016

I realize some of these may / may not be even trades so feel free to throw out an offer. I’m happy to throw in some cash too.  PM me any questions.

Can also throw in a Baby Brain and Lets Play 2 Mini Pennant to sweeten the deal, though if you don’t want it them it’s not mandatory (I realize most have the Baby Brain by now).
thanks for looking. I’m in Canada for shipping purposes.


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