Thank You Ten Club!!

Eddie was incredible in Dublin last night. He crafted an amazing set list and looked like he was really enjoying himself. My wife and I were lucky enough to secure tickets through the 10C lottery and I have to say we were nervous picking up that envelope after hearing various stories about very random seating allocations on previous tours. However, we had also read that better seats had been secured for members this time but you can never be sure until you open that envelope. So we collected our tickets, finally plucked up the courage to open them and were delighted to discover that we were fifth row!
We have to say a big thank you to Ten Club for securing such amazing seats for us members. This process is probably far from straight forward for the Club to negotiate, so we really appreciate the effort. We had an incredible night shared with friends and family and Ten Club made the night extra special with amazing seats. Thank you again Ten Club!
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2007 London
2008 EV Berkeley 1 & 2
2010 Dublin / Belfast
2017 EV London 1 & 2
2019 EV Dublin


  • CBerminghamCBermingham Dublin, IrelandPosts: 10
    I second that ! Thanks Ten Club. Got seats in Row B, felt so lucky. It was an amazing gig
  • CarenDCarenD Posts: 7
    I was a little disappointed with row 19 especially as I watched many paper tickets take up seats closer than ours, but once the music started I got over that fast.  

    We were cursed with 2 ladies in row 20 who constantly spoke throughout the gig and even got louder when Eddie was speaking, I don't like asking adults to be quiet but at one point I was going to suggest they went to the bar where they could talk and listen to the music, thankfully I wasn't the only one irritated and someone else kindly pointed this out to them. 

    This was a truly amazing gig and the atmosphere was something else, was well worth the travel. 
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