**** Eddie Vedder Düsseldorf Fanviews Here 6/30/19 *****



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    I was not so sure what to expect from Eddie going on Tour solo. But Düsseldorf was really amazing. And I really liked this more intimate atmosphere. Was happy about many songs. Real highlights to me.
    But Seasons is the song that´s really stuck in my mind since last night. It was nearly painful to listen to. But beautiful at the same time. Sounded vulnerable and kind of raw. And accompanied by the Red String Limo it was a perfect moment to me. And I am really grateful for Eddie sharing this moment with us.
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    JPPJ84 said:
    Dercheef said:
    trees said:
    EPIC EDDIE!!!!!!
    I would love these shows on bootlegs for that reason to hear songs like seasons awsome ,glad you all got to go
    Eddie wanted to keep his speech and the song "between us" so there is a zero percent chance for this to happen. 
    Maybe just the others then?! :smiley:
    I wouldn't complain about it but I also wouldn't hold my breath. ;)
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    Only Ed could be so poignant and succinct.  Beautiful tribute.

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    Great show. Great location, before i had no idea what to expect. Thought it was a dated gymhall or something. But it was a top location. Good facillities. 
    And.....i need to mention this.......great to see the security ( also Ed's personal security ) react every minute someone wants to run as fast as they can to the front. When Hard Sun is started....okey....thats the unwritten rule....but not after the 3rd song ans every song after that.

    Overal. Best show ive seen Ed and Glen do :)
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    NewJPage said:
    Seasons. Wow. Waiting for video 
    There is already a complete Video on YouTube.
    Wish I could see and or more importantly just hear this.  It’s been taken down.  I don’t understand because so many other songs from the show and tour are available.  It must have been a pretty personal performance.  I’m happy for the lucky ones in attendance last night who got to experience this.
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    Hello everybody, is there a way to have this video of "Seasons" because it's no longer available. I was at this show and it was great, very intimate! I was near the man who took the video of 8:18 removed now (maybe he remembers me, I was on his right with my girlfriend, but I have no way to contact him). It was also special for me, so I try to keep it more than in my memory. Has someone an idea please or this video? Thanks a lot.
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    i saw it this morning on youtube but now gone
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    Ed and family is always a class act.  Id get my post deleted talking about what he’s done for Lily and what she’s faced from you know who.  
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    I keep going back to this evening.. 
    Especially the bookends of Long Road-LBC and of course Seasons.. 
    Unreal moments in time

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    Ed and family is always a class act.  Id get my post deleted talking about what he’s done for Lily and what she’s faced from you know who.  
    You know who?
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    Ed and family is always a class act.  Id get my post deleted talking about what he’s done for Lily and what she’s faced from you know who.  
    You know who?
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  • What a show and what an audience! Some of us waited outside after the show and had a group photo taken with Eddie and Glen by one of the crew. They said the photos would be posted after the tour. Has anyone seen any photos or does anyone know who we could contact? It would make quite a few people even happier than they are now 😊
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    Seasons was mind blowing! And the handshake from Edduring the song of good hope and receiving the pick after Porch! 
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