Where Is Holland 1992 From

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Hi all - I have the Amsterdam, Holland 2-12-92 bootleg in my iTunes Library and one of the songs (I've got a Feeling) is totally corrupted...so I'm trying to get a new copy loaded.   The artwork associated with the album is basically red with a big 92 (The 92 tour) in the middle of it.

Can anyone tell me where I got it from from?  I suspect I got it through the Ten Club but I can't find the CD or download anywhere on my pc.   Did I get it from iTunes?  

I'm guessing it came with some other music I bought from Ten Club but I'm going through my stuff and can't find it--although inside the PJ NYC 1992 CD that came with Avocado, I did just find my mothers engagement ring that I thought I had lost after my wife borrowed it for the wedding.  So one mystery unexpectedly solved.


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    It was an FM broadcast back in the day. Was widely bootlegged and remastered by some fans.10C never sold it, you probably just downloaded it at some point. 
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