SOLD: FS One 10C ticket for Dublin 3/7

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** Ticket sold **

I have one 10C ticket to see Eddie next week for sale - my friend can’t go now, and I’d like it to go to a genuine fan who missed out on the general sale or a 10C member. I have to pick up at the 3Arena on the day so would meet up there and you’ll have the pleasure of my company too =) . Let me know if you’re interested. 
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  • nadialapanadialapa Posts: 1
    Hi! I am interested! 
  • robheighrobheigh Posts: 8
    This is still available folks...
  • AnjarAnjar Posts: 21
    Hi there! How much is the ticket please?
  • Irish 77Irish 77 Posts: 8
    Hi I am interested in this ticket - travelling from saudi back home to see Eddie and Glen. Thanks 🙏 Mike
  • robheighrobheigh Posts: 8
    Hi @anjar and @irish77 - I’m afraid the ticket is sold. Cheers, Rob
  • Irish 77Irish 77 Posts: 8
    Rob thanks for update. If you hear of another 10clubber looking to sell a spare. I still need one for Dublin. Have a great show all. Berlin and Düsseldorf were great. Mike 
  • robheighrobheigh Posts: 8
    Will do, Mike - all the best 
  • Irish 77Irish 77 Posts: 8
    Rob thanks to @Phillip_Ireland I got a ticket just now on They have released good sections. Happy days 👍
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