*** Eddie Vedder Madrid Fanviews Here 6/22/19 ***

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Eddie Vedder
WiZink Center
Madrid, ES
June 22, 2019
Set List

Red Limo String Quartet:
Sietse van Gorkom-Violin
Camila van der Kooij-Violin
Rani Kumar-Viola
Jonas Pap-Cello

Red Limo starts 21:32
Ed Onstage 21:35
Ed Offstage 23:53

1.    Red Limo improv-Alive
2.    Far Behind
3.    Indifference with Red Limo
4.    Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
5.    I Am Mine
6.    Sometimes
7.    Immortality
8.    Wildflowers-(Petty)
9.    Man Of The Hour-(Dedicated to Elliot Roberts)
10.    Can’t Keep with Red Limo
11.    Guaranteed with Red Limo
12.    Unthought Known with Red Limo
13.    Long Nights with Glen Hansard and Red Limo
14.    It Happened Today-(Buck, Mills, Stipe) with Glen Hansard and Red Limo
15.    The End with Red Limo
16.    Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) with Red Limo
17.    Lukin
18.    Porch
19.    Red Limo improv-Jeremy {no Ed}
20.    Pump Organ Song
21.    Just Breathe with Red Limo
22.    Black with Glen Hansard and Red Limo
23.    Song Of Good Hope-(Hansard) with Glen Hansard & Red Limo
24.    Society-(Hannan) with Glen Hansard
25.    Should I Stay Or Should I Go?-(Headon, Jones, Simonon, Strummer)
26.    Hard Sun-(Peterson) with Glen Hansard & Red Limo &  Javier Bardem
27.    Smile with Glen Hansard and Red Limo
28.    Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) with Glen Hansard & Red limo

Glen Hansard
1.    Say It To Me Now
2.    Fool’s Game
3.    I’ll Be You, Be Me
4.    When Your Mind’s Made Up
5.    Shelter Me
6.    Way Back In The Way Back When (one line from “Present Tense”)
7.    Grace Beneath The Pines (A cappella)
8.    This Gift

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Thank you, John, for the set list and notes.



  • StoepT3gelStoepT3gel Posts: 4
    I’m a very, very happy man at the moment.
  • Electro_UKElectro_UK Posts: 109
    Had the kind of time that reminded me why I love this band and this man and this music. SO GOOD.
    "Hey Eddie, great show-- fuck you!"
    PJ - London 25/6/10, Manchester 20/6/12 + 21/6/12, Isle of Wight 23/6/12, Seattle 6/12/13, Leeds 8/7/14, Milton Keynes 11/7/14, Boston 5/8/16 + 7/8/16
    Ed - London 31/7/12, Amsterdam 27/5/17 + 30/5/17, London 6/6/17 + 7/6/17
  • ledveddermanledvedderman Posts: 7,738
    edited June 23
    I know it wasn’t played, but I’m always surprised that Thumbing My Way isn’t an every night staple at solo shows. 
  • GstewartGstewart Delta BCPosts: 26
    Well there was a lot of negative press from previous all I can say is that Ed does appreciate his audience, he was not drunk, he played brilliantly alongside Glen and the strings .
    I am mine -remember those lyrics. 
  • sunwebbsunwebb Posts: 7
    Does anyone has a video of "Song of Good Hope" from this night?
  • SeaSea EarthPosts: 2,094
    sunwebb said:
    Does anyone has a video of "Song of Good Hope" from this night?

    Thank you

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