Thinning the herd --FT: Mystery Box Items + Posters, apparel, more

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1998 Missoula Poster
2003 Cleveland Poster
2003 Cincinnati Poster
2003 Boston Poster
2013 Portland Emek
Kong Poster
2018 Missoula Merch---wristbands, trucker hat, flag, koozie, clock sticker
Cool PJ shirts---unworn, size L or XL
Chicago Dad Hat
Vault #3
Live on Two Legs Vinyl
10, Vs./Vitalogy Box sets
Chris Cornell Deluxe Box Set

2018 Fenway Ian Williams 
2018 Fenway Ben Brown
2018 Fenway Klausen
2018 Klausen AP
2018 Fenway Mumford
2018 Seattle Shuss AP 
2018 Seattle Emek
2018 Wrigley Fairclough Variant, slight bent corner
2018 Wrigley Jackson Variant 
2018 Wrigley Thomas
2018 Missoula
2018 Krakow
2018 Prague
2018 Lisbon
2018 Barcelona
2016 Fenway Shuss
2016 Lexington A/P 125/125 (some scuffs in the black matte area)
2013 Cracker Jack
2012 Arras France
Non-PJ prints:

COPA Germany XL Jersey (NWT)
Home Away Shows patch set
Home/Away Shows Coaster Set
2018 Trading card packs...2x Seattle, 3x Boston, 2x Chicago
2018 Boston Skull Pin
2018 Missoula Trout Sticker x2
2018 Missoula Bear Pin....only trade for Missoula Clock Tower pin.
2018 Seattle Pennant
2018 Seattle Koozie
2018 Chicago Hoodie Size L
2018 Flaming Batter Tee Size L
2005 Calgary Ticket stub
2010 Belfast Ticket Stub

Various Vinyl:
Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks RSD

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