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Cincinnati 03 poster

dugangsxrdugangsxr Villa Hills KYPosts: 621
Hey!,  I’m very interested in that poster. I’m from Cincinnati Oh. I had that poster about 5-6 years ago. I had a financial crisis & sold a ton of gems.... That poster, 2010 Bridgetown ( signed by Eddie & Brad) which I paid a small fortune to get drones and matted. I went all out. (I’m sure it’s in the framed picture thread.) Along with many other gems. Along with a number 9 Benny signed by the whole band which I got framed badass. I went all out. The framer made it where you could view the from and back. I went all out because I thought I’d have the items forever but life happens and sometimes family is worth many than everything. Although I am so glad with the person that ended up with them....He’s a hell of a man. Good people! If your a collector you know who he is. He’s only of the greats on here.  Anyway I have a lot to trade. Pm me please if still available. I’d love to get that print once again. I know show got canceled & pj put out multiple runs. I’m still waiting on my box to come.thanks!!
Paul D.


  • ST66483ST66483 Posts: 406
    Good luck with your hunt. Just as a FYI you may get more eyes on this thread if you move it to Lost Dogs.  Hope you find your print.
  • dugangsxrdugangsxr Villa Hills KYPosts: 621
    Paul D.
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