Zurich 1992

hey folks, next Live On 4 Legs episode will cover this Switzerland show from 92. Lots of good stuff to discuss - the acoustic set the prior show in the country and how impossible it’s been to find things from it, the debut of the Mamason live and public knowledge of the story that vamped up afterward, and just the tape trading era in general that this show was an extremely popular part of.

So although I highly doubt that many of you here were in the building that night (if you were, contact us of course) but this is for anyone that has good memories of listening to this show or collecting it as a boot and remembering finding out about what the Mamason meant. Any discussion that you think you can come up with for this show toss it out there because I wasn’t around for any of it, it would be great to get more of an idea of what the time period was like to be a fan of the band.

Thank you all


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