Where Do You Store Your Digital Media (songs)

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I have 29k songs on my iTunes.  I know that iTunes will still be around for a while but am looking to move my music now.  I know there is Windows Media Player or whatever, which is an option.  What platform or digital media storing program do you use?

ALSO -> I currently use an iPod (yes I know old school) but the 160gb holds ALL of my music, which I like.  So I am looking for a program that would have some sort of capability of loading on an external device (other than a cell phone as I do not want to stream off my phone).  Eventually I am going to shop for some sort of device, similar to an iPod, that will store 160gb+ on it.  If one even exists.

Any help is super appreciated.

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    I use a Synology NAS to store my media files on which I run Plex Media Server which so far has proved excellent in terms of managing and organising all my music and movies - it's the best set up I've had by far.
    You can use Plex to configure your home router to allow external access via the app, so you can still stream your own media remotely and it seems to handle the setup of this in a secure way. Alternatively you can mark albums/songs as available offline so that it effectively downloads to your device (i.e.phone).
    There is a bit of financial investment required up front (especially if you opt for one of the more powerful/scalable NAS solutions) but I think it's worth it in terms of the stability and flexibility this provides.
    Plus, Plex has recently teamed up with Tidal so if you're already subscribed to that service there are extra benefits to be had.

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    I'm old school.   I've ripped my cd's to FLAC over the last 10+ years, so I have a folder of FLAC music (every album has it's own subfolder, plus I have separate folders, for albums, soundtracks, bootlegs, singles).    It's about 800 to 900 albums in size so it's pretty big.  I have a copy of it on my PC, a 2nd copy on my media box attached to the TV, and a 3rd copy on an offline hard drive.

    I lost an entire mp3 collection once, it really sucked.    I'm pretty careful about backing it up.

    For listening, I've got the media box attached to the TV, my phone with a high quality DAC for when I'm on the move, and the deck in my truck support flac on USB drives (of which I put a 250gb sd card into a super small drive that barely sticks out., so my truck has about 400 albums at any given time).
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    I'm probably overkill compared to most.  I buy everything on both vinyl and CD.  Vinyl is of course for home consumption.  CD gets ripped to FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, and MP3.  FLAC goes on my HD-FLAC player which travels in my laptop bag to work.  Ogg Vorbis goes on an external SSD for in my car.  MP3 is a fail safe in case it is needed later.

    Ripped versions then go to my NAS for archiving in case they are needed again.  Worst case I can always re-rip if something goes wrong down the road.  I should probably push to a cloud drive too.
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    I wish I could understand the words in everyone's posts because I need to do something with my digital music as well.
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    flash drives. lots of flash drives and duplicate.
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    Since 99% of my digital music is MP3, I use a few portable hard drives and back up on iTunes cloud (for $25/year, it’s a good safety blanket if the drives go out).
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    Still use iTunes with 2 backups on external hard drives.  Switched to Spotify last year and absolutely love it so my iTunes is basically just PJ boots and other stuff that I can't get on Spotify.
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    You can store up to 50,000 songs on Google Music for free. I just keep it all in the cloud and stream it (though you can download it locally if you want).
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    I wish I could understand the words in everyone's posts because I need to do something with my digital music as well.
    I'm with ya. I've been looking for an easy solution to replace my bricked Zune that I hooked up to an old receiver in my garage. I've bought many Sandisk and generic MP3 players to continue, but all have failed in various ways. I am currently looking into buying a tablet and using that to store and play my music in the garage. There is probably a better way, but I'm too old to figure it out.
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    HD's. Backup HD's. Flash D's. CDr's. DVDr's. BD-R's. Mega. DropBox etc ..
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