When is Pearl Jam coming to Australia?

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Is Pearl Jam coming to Australia any time soon?


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    The short version is that nothing is on the agenda... Nothing announced other than what we know, or nothing officially rumored. Eddie is doing the European tour and Ohana Fest and that seems to be all the public shows for the year. (Eddie did a private VIP thing the same weekend as Flight To Mars and maybe there'll be more of that, but those are almost impossible to even know about, let alone get into.)

    HOWEVER...the unofficial rumors seem to be that Australia is a safe bet for sooner, rather than later. We know they typically like to tour where the warm weather is and it takes time, maybe 6-7 months from the rumors to the shows. (For example, they'd rather go to Australia in February instead of July.)

    Maybe September or October, we may start hearing things...and that's if the "tea leaves" are correct.

    The rumors now seem to be that a new year will bring new music and a new tour.

    But nothing for 2019 other than what is already announced.
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