Eddie Vedder Solo Tour

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Who would like to see Ed's concert on June 12th 2019, at The Forest National in Brussels Belgium?
I have a SPARE TICKET.  Unfortunately, I must collect both tickets at the Box Office on arrival.  So I cannot pop it in the post to you, you will have to meet up with me I guess?
I'm travelling the day before from Heathrow, London.  I'm an English 58yr old mega-Fan.
I never actually wanted this ticket but the 10c made me purchase 2 to enter the pre-sale and get good seats.  I chose Belgium because I speak fluent French. ( Also attending the London, Wembly gig, naturally, but as a support act to The Who I doubt he will perform the same music as he will do headlining, or be on stage for very long.)  So, Eddie,  Brussels here I come!

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