How to help one Homeless Man...

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Hey guys.  This article was just released in the SF chronicle and I cannot get it off my mind.  I went to high school with these brothers and what has happened to Tyson is incredibly sad and they could use some help if you feel like giving or just sharing this article.  I'll be honest, this was eye opening for me.  I never fully understood how this can happen to someone and this hit close to home.  A quote in the article really stood out to me: 

“Keep looking. He needs you,” T said. “Me? My family passed away. Nobody’s looking for me. And you stay out here long enough, like me, it gets deep. When s— happens to you it’s like a tattoo. It never leaves. It’ll kill you.“But Tyson,” he said, patting his chest, “at least he has you. Go find him.”

Here's a link to the article.

His brother has been pretty good with posting updates.  I'm sure anything would help, good thoughts, sharing the article/go fund me, or donating if you feel.  Happy Sunday to you all and have a great week <3  
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    Wow. That was a moving story. Thanks for sharing.
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