"Whispered Shades"

lobb152lobb152 Posts: 183
A time has come to choose.  Hold nothing back with meaningless choices afoot.   A fate, for all colors to fade, beyond yesterday.  Standing solitary amongst the Grey.

Yearning to stay with thoughts of running throughout.  A longing to see those younger years without having to set the stones.  Daring to dream amongst the Grey.

The cycles are wearing thin.  Scornfully, connecting circles over and over again.  Hoping the pain will fill in the emptiness.  Retelling stories amongst the Grey.

How regrettably beautiful, these tattered nights. 
I am a nothing dreaming of something unknown.
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    Thank you for sharing, your poem has me tapped in to the nostalgia that I have felt of late... albeit beautifully and with no regrets, really should say few regrets... thanks again...
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