Check out my first short film i made for film school!

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Hello all!

I started attending the Colorado Film School just after the new year. My first real project had to be a no dialogue 3-5 minute narrative short. 

I shot the wntire project in 2.5k raw, but had to upload in 1080p for YouTube. Make sure to watch with the brightness up and the quality at the max. And volume up. 

Its my first real effort at making a film. I’m proud of some stuff,  but am itching to make more. 

Would love general feedback! I have two years of school to improve myself! 


  • jeffbrjeffbr SeattlePosts: 6,664
    Well done, Riley. For a quick, short, you did a great job conveying conflict and emotion. We got tragedy, struggle, desperation, resignation. I like the way the scenes were shot, and the imagery you were able to create. Tragic subject matter and you captured a lot of emotion. Looking forward to seeing more projects.
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    Congrats on film school.  I thought you did a great job covering a lot of conflicting emotions in such a short period of time.  Grief, distraction, despair, temptation, acceptance, struggling for relief through salvation.  That’s a lot to pack in in under four minutes and all without dialogue!.  Well done.  
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  • PJ_SoulPJ_Soul Vancouver, BCPosts: 47,762
    Just curious: did you actually choose a particular Bible verse or book or anything that she was turning to?
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  • riley540riley540 Bellingham WAPosts: 914
    PJ_Soul said:
    Just curious: did you actually choose a particular Bible verse or book or anything that she was turning to?
    No, I did not actually. It was just completely random.

    the story is based on my uncle who lost his life to a heroine overdose in 2015. His faith kept him afloat for most of his life, and it’s a bible he gifted me in 2012. 

  • Watched it. Great job!

    * Full Metal Jacket is one of my all time fave movies btw.
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