Eddie Innings Poster?

AndoAndo DenverPosts: 380
Do you think there will be an Eddie poster for the Innings Festival? 


  • nicknyr15nicknyr15 Posts: 2,392
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    I would assume. How else can they get away with not releasing new music and playing a minimal amount of shows without merch?
  • PJNBPJNB New BrunswickPosts: 4,665
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    Ken Taylor 

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  • mca47mca47 Posts: 12,604
    I got one.
    Also heard he signed a dozen or so and gave them to the merch booth.  A nice surprise for some fans for sure!
  • ComeToTXComeToTX AustinPosts: 5,888
    That’s cool. I was lucky to get one of the last ones on Sunday. 
    This show, another show, a show here and a show there.
  • AndoAndo DenverPosts: 380
    Yeah i struck out on Sunday i spent too much time visiting the in laws and didnt get to the show until 5. There was pretty much zero Eddie stuff left. 
  • mca47mca47 Posts: 12,604
    We went over towards the end of G. Love's set and it looked pretty picked over.  
  • mca47mca47 Posts: 12,604
    The merch vendor guy told me they had 700 posters to start with.  He then said they only got like 150 poster tubes.
    I went tubeless, but he gave me a rubber band.  I went home after than and came back down later before Band of Horses.  
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