Pearl Jam Motherfuckers Cubs Sticker

mdgsolomdgsolo Posts: 551
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Someone handed me one of these at a Wrigley pre-party and it's probably one of my all time favorite PJ stickers.  Does anyone know the story behind them or where to find more?
Feel free to PM me if it's easier..

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  • deadendpdeadendp Northeast OhioPosts: 7,915
    Pictures might help. :wink:
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    2016: Lexington and Wrigley 1
  • bbiggsbbiggs Posts: 3,212
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    I don’t know anything about it but I want one! Thats an awesome sticker. If you do get a lead on where to get more, please PM me. I will definitely grab a couple. 
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  • willbarclaywillbarclay Ottawa, Canada Posts: 2,827
    Fan made, but pretty cool.
  • mdgsolomdgsolo Posts: 551
    I knew it was fan made fo sho, but hoping someone might know how to get my hands on a few more- super good quality sticker too..
  • LostRebelLostRebel Athens, GreecePosts: 162
    Cool sticker. I'm, definitely in for some, if you find the source.
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