Pearl Jam Poem - fiftybaby revisiting the past

I have placed the following Pearl Jam titles in to a sort of poem.
Music does sensational things, and each title has several meanings to me.
A weakness, strength, fear, smile, sorrow, rage, possibility, regret, need, dream, wish, loss, gain, girl, etc.

On June 3/06 this is how I felt.

"Once Alone I Am Mine You Are Alive Given To Fly.
In Hiding Jeremy Blood World Wide Suicide Animal Dissident Black.
Breath Save You Immortality Do The Evolution.
Hail Hail Nothing As It Seems I Got Id.
Brother Betterman Wishlist Nothingman Who Are You.
Daughter State Of Love And Trust Of The Girl Faithful.

Push Me Pull Me Vs. Grievance Not For You.
Crazy Mary Last Kiss Insignificance.
Evacuation Thumbing My Way Off He Goes Around The Bend....
RVM Come Back."
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