Gear You Regret Parting With?...

Did the allure of some new piece of gear cause you to trade in or sell something that you wish you'd kept in retrospect? Or did you ever need some quick cash & pawn a prized item that you were never able to get back?

I had a Crate XLP preamp that had the sweetest metal distortion that I've never been able to reproduce with any amp modelers. I also got rid of my Boss FZ-3 at the same time, because I thought my Big Muff could handle all my fuzz demands at the time...

What do you wish you still had?
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  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 31,336
    I had a Silvertone knock off (no serial number or manufacturing info) electric guitar that I bought at a pawn shop. It was my first electric and would always fall out of tune, but I miss that damn guitar. I traded it for another acoustic about 17 years ago.
  • My first guitar. A Clapton style cream Strat. I miss playing Fenders to be honest. Someday I’ll get a decent Strat.
  • keeponrockinkeeponrockin Posts: 7,445
    Sounds stupid, and I know I can get one in a heartbeat, but my old DS-1. 

    **Checks for used one**
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  • Boss OC2. 
    Grand Rapids '04, Detroit '06
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