SALE! Pearl Jam: The Home Shows Bar

demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 55,650

70% Dark Chocolate

$4.99 $3.00

Proceeds from this bar benefit The Home Shows, a program of Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation to alleviate homelessness in King County. Learn more at

•Organic   •Fair for Life   •Non-GMO Verified

•Soy Free   •Kosher   •Gluten Free   •Vegan

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  • JT167846JT167846 Posts: 169
    I got one for $7 at MOPOP in September. Check the expiry date just to be sure.
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  • patrickwieczorepatrickwieczore West SeattlePosts: 578
    Bartell Drugs had an entire display of them in South Lake Union a few week ago when I stopped in to pick up some stuff.
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 55,650
    Wish the shipping was cheaper, especially shipping to Canada. Would love to buy more. 
  • JedJed New York CityPosts: 621
    Try using promo code "NEWYEAR" for a nice discount on top of the sale they are having. It almost makes the shipping more tolerable.
  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 18,607
    $11 to ship three bars of chocolate?!  Yeah ok. 
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  • scrappysatticscrappysattic Lawrence, KSPosts: 235
    Shipping kills it.. dang

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  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 55,650
    Would make a great valentine day's chocolate gift to that special Pearl Jam fan. ;)
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