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cdthomas1981cdthomas1981 Milwaukee, WIPosts: 3
Hi Everyone, I started a blog a few months back after getting onto Brad Blazek and Brad Lyon's podcast, "Single Podcast Theory." Essentially it's an archive of the weekly emails I send into the podcast.  Some of them get read and others I put out here for others to see if there's any interest.  It was a rough 2018 for me, and this was something that helped me through some hard times.  Talking Pearl Jam helps me take my mind off of a lot and gives me a nice distraction.

Forced To Endure, What I Could Not Forgive,


  • cp3iversoncp3iverson Posts: 4,701
    Here’s to a better year
  • JbarkerJbarker AlbertaPosts: 467
    Sorry you had a bad year. Cheers to 2019. 
    I listen to that pod as well... PJ is great for filling in the space.
    Im sure @Bladamus Maximus and @bradlyons would agree.

  • cdthomas1981cdthomas1981 Milwaukee, WIPosts: 3
    Thanks guys.  I hope sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences with the band are okay.  It was something suggested by a friend of mine and it’s helped me out.
    Forced To Endure, What I Could Not Forgive,
  • guypjfreakguypjfreak Posts: 2,116
    Got me through some really tough times that song did /has /will........ All the best old son 
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