PJ fans raising over £1300 for Scottish cancer charities!

Miss.SnowdropMiss.Snowdrop Scotland Posts: 192
If you're over on one of the FB groups you may have heard of this but I thought I'd share this here as well.
During the Euro tour last summer I kept saying how amazing it would be, if PJ played in Scotland so we could have a t-shirt with a unicorn (it's our national animal!).
In Boston my pal Martin and I sat down and made a rough design on the back of a napkin or receipt or something. I wasn't sure this thing was actually going to happen but in early December we had a PJ tribute band playing in Glasgow and a few friends from all over the UK, Slovakia and even the US came together to party with us and have a wee fundraiser where we raffled off PJ related merch and sold those t-shirts to raise money for local cancer charities. Martin and his friend Norrie actually did it, they actually printed Pearl Jam unicorn tshirts  :o  . One of our own Andrea Oakes (she got a shout out at London 2) has a massive brain tumor and lost her bf to pancreatic cancer and so we've split the proceeds between two charities. People over on FB liked the idea and t-shirts so much, that to this day we've been able to donate over £1300. It's absolutely amazing what the PJ community can do. It gives all kind of warm and fuzzy feelings! If any of you bought one of our unicorn shirts. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



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    Miss.SnowdropMiss.Snowdrop Scotland Posts: 192
    Just a wee update. We've made around £3000 with the raffle we had in December and the sale of these t-shirts. The money was split between a pancreatic cancer and a brain tumor charity. 
    Again THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a t-shirt and we can't wait so see how many people with unicorns ts I can spot at the next show. <3 
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