Your MVP Pedal?

Inspired by another post I saw, I think from Facebook from someone looking to get a pedal, what’s your MVP pedal that you would grab first if your jam pad/House was burning down?  A pedal for whatever crazy reason you could never get another one of, or anything similar?

mine- TC polytune.  By far the mvp.  A pedal that does so less but actually does so much more.


  • dudemandudeman Posts: 2,931
    For bass, my Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI is my MVP. Mine is an older one that has been modified by myself and a former Tech 21 employee. It has considerably more gain and also a variable midrange center frequency. Newer versions have that now but mine is old. Also, mine has a blue LED which, as everyone knows, sounds better than red.

    Tough call for guitar. Either my modified Dunlop 535Q, Homebrew Electronics U.F.O. Ultimate Fuzz Octave or Homebrew Electronics Mimic Mock II Delay. I don't think HBE is in business any more so those might be hard to replace.
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  • It's corny but my tuner pedal has saved me. My guitars always go out of tune. Bonus: The muting effect with the TU2 by BOSS. Switching guitars, it allows me to avoid the annoying "pop" noise. 
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  • PSUS2HPSUS2H USA Posts: 2,049
    Simple, Boss DD-7 or my Dunlop 95-Q crybaby.
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  • FinsburyParkCarrotsFinsburyParkCarrots Seattle, WA Posts: 12,223
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    My Fulltone DejaVibe MDV-3. 

    Edit: Ah, turns out Mike Fuller's said some dodgy things about BLM. It's time to shop around for a different vibe.
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  • gimmesometruth27gimmesometruth27 St. Fuckin Louis Posts: 21,790
    my custom made scarab deluxe by basic audio. it is a fuzzbox that is my main pedal now aside from my tuner.

    the guy asked me what color i wanted and i asked him if he could make it just the silver aluminum basic box casing color and just scratch the shit out of it, so thats what he did.
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