Tenclub - Release one last single for 2019 also

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Fans don't know what is happening with their analog memberships at the moment and are auto renewing without knowing what, if anything, is replacing the single. 

You still state under the membership levels that a single is included - which affects new members joining at the moment.

I'm not saying it has to be a single of KISS covers (Like e.g. Easy as it Seems off Unmasked, and Who Wants to be Lonely off Asylum) - but just get the boys to figure out a single for 2019 also, and during this year (instead of at the last second, and without you evidently being here to clear up misunderstandings and the lacking communication on the matter) you can remove the single for 2020 and onward and explain clearly what that means for everyones memberships etc. 

Would that be an idea @Rubysdad @Santos L. Halper @Sea @Kat @Kelly Curtis
@MikeMcCready @EddieVedder @StoneGossard @JeffAment @MattCameron
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    ...and you're gonna wait for that single till 2030? Another thread,.. Please stop begging. It's pathetic. They don't give a fuck...
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    Apparently $40 is meant to go a lot further in Seattle than everywhere else in the country?

    Take it or leave it. 

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    This is never going to happen. If you think $40 is too much for what they are now offering then dont renew analog. Agree that the membership levels should be made clear but clarity and communication has never been a10c thing.
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