Big Muff Pi!!!

I've had a few over the years and always wound up selling them.

Well, I have the itch again but it looks like there are more options than ever.

So, which to choose?

What do you have? Do you like it? Wish you had a different version?

The Green Russian, Op Amp Pi, Triangle Muff, Deluxe Big Muff and Big Muff with Tone Wicker are all new in the EH lineup since I last looked.

I have owned a Black Russian, the big, silver NYC Muff and that XO Little Big Muff.
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  • I currently have the jhs muffuletta on my board and dig it.  It’s got a version of all of the landmark muffs all in one box.  
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  • CM189191CM189191 Minneapolis via ChicagoPosts: 4,332
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    traded in my big muff pi for a zvex fuzz factory vexter

    runs the gambit from creamy smooth fuzz to glitchy gated spitting sputtering angry attack mode

    it's a little tricky to keep it under control sometimes and i love it

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  • ChadplamChadplam AlbertaPosts: 160
    I haven't bought it yet but compared the Triangle to the USA standard and Triangle was worlds better. I plan on pulling the trigger soon
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  • mattsl1983mattsl1983 Posts: 617
    I love my Russian pi.  But after a week with an original super fuzz (best woman a guy could ever ask for) I would explore the super fuzz circuit before deciding.  This thing has just some amazing undertone harmonics that are unreal.  With my p90 sg going into a my hitone  lead (hiwatt circuit amp) I am almost instantly given the Pete Townshend Tommy/Leads era craziness factor.  Unreal.  My first time with this type of fuzz, but so much more enjoyable than my muff and fuzz faces.  I hear badcat is a good replica of the circuit.  Just food for thought in case you weren’t sold on a specific style fuzz.
  • dudemandudeman Posts: 1,855
    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'm going to try to audition some Muffs this weekend.

    Good call on the Fuzz Factory and Super Fuzz circuits too. It's been awhile since I played with either. Time to take another look.
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  • dudemandudeman Posts: 1,855
    I've been sick as fuck so I haven't been out of the house much. I did get a chance to rewire my pedal boards though, and I played with the HBE U.F.O. a lot. It's a clone of the Foxx Tone Machine from the '70's with true bypass and a way better bulid. The range of tones hidden in that little box are astounding.

    Also, I read a lot of reviews of the current EH reissues of the Russian, Op Amp and Triangle Muffs.

    Leaning toward toward Triangle. Has any one got their hands on one yet?
    If hope can grow from dirt like me, it can be done. - EV
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