Should 10c member dues be reduced now that singles are gone?

Senor members already lost value years ago when the ticket lotto was introduced. Senior members not even getting tickets in favor of a new member who wins the pools. The club does not carry the value it once did. 

Should 10c member dues be reduced now that singles are gone? 14 votes

Yes, bring it down.
85% 12 votes
No, it’s priceless.
7% 1 vote
I’m just here for the stickers.
7% 1 vote


  • HesCalledDyerHesCalledDyer MarylandPosts: 15,039
    I guess it all really depends on how they structure things from here on out.  Despite the last few singles going out 2 years late, I always thought $40 was more than fair for the Analog level.
    $10 - Single
    $20 - T-shirt, sticker/poster/patch pack, luggage tags, whatever the item was.
    $10 - bootleg code
    $15 - shipping for the two packages (single & member item)
    That adds up to $55 alone. Then consider access to exclusive items like the Vaults, mystery boxes/posters, ticket lottery, forum, etc that you can't really put a price on.  $40 is still a good deal when you take away the single.
  • RM70601RM70601 Posts: 3
    The only reason I’m a 10C member is for the unique vinyl shipped to me each year. That being said I feel Pearl Jam caved in like every other artist in terms of quality. Remember when the Pearl Jam bootlegs used to be CD instead of CD-R. I realize that format is not pre dominant nowadays, but for those of us who still want that give us a quality bootleg. Ed made fun of CDs in the early 90s in an interview claiming you get little for your money. Ironic considering in 2019 it’s mostly MP3 or Streaming.....
  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commetsPosts: 17,169
    $40 is fine.
    I like all of the whining and if the end result is that my seats are better and I have a better shot at scoring them?  That is ok with me.
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  • RM70601RM70601 Posts: 3
    I’m sorry, but removing the 10C Vinyl makes the Analog Memebership absolete. The t shirt is usually a throw away, my ticket seats are never that impressive, the bootleg I can purchase on holidays for $5 and I will use e bay for the booklet. My conclusion is it still worth $40 without the vinyl? The answer is no.
  • ZodZod Posts: 6,222
    The lotto didn't impact senior members.  It was first come first serve before it went to lotto.  Seniority had nothing to do with getting tickets.  It was (and is) only good for the location of tickets if you get them.

    Personally I think the question is moot.  RM70601 is correct.  The whole point of the Analog membership was the single.   I'll naturally get a reduction later this year when I downgrade to digital.   Given many other band fan clubs charge $40 or $50 to join for crappy fan club tickets... I think $20 is fair to keep the machine rolling.
  • In the 5years since I joined I have only ever received 2 singles and 3 Deep and yet the subscription went up last year yet we get less and less,I asked why I never received the singles with no reply to this day,I am starting to wonder if it's worth it.
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