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Hey Folks,
I’m closing down my recording studio at the end of December and moving to a new location. In the process of packing up, we’ve found some musical gear and memorabilia that Mad Season and Screaming Trees collectors might be interested in. The items are posted on my Ebay page in the link below and they include things like the Mad Season bass drum head from our final concert at Benroya Hall, the drum set I used with Raw Power on the roof of the Pike Place Market, and some original test pressings of the Mad Season "Above Deluxe” double album and "Live At The Moore Theater”, as well as test pressings for the Screaming Trees albums “Sweet Oblivion” and "Last Words.” There are also a few odds and ends we found. Proceeds from these sales will help fund my Singing Earth projects, such as the indigenous Shipibo Shamans of the Peruvian Amazon as we get ready to mix, master, and release their next album of healing songs (February release!) Thank you to everyone for a really great year of music, creativity, touring, and supporting these ongoing musical projects around the world. Much love and happy holidays to everyone, Barrett


Mad Season "Above" Original LP Sealed In Cellophane (Seller Is Barrett Martin)

Mad Season "Above (Deluxe Edition)" Test Pressing (Seller Is Barrett Martin)

Mad Season "Live At The Moore" Test Pressing (Seller Is Barrett Martin)

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  • That's some cool stuff.
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    Hi Folks,
    We have just 2 items left in the Mad Season Ebay auction: one test pressing for the "Above Deluxe Edition" and one test pressing for "Live At The Moore Theatre." After these 2 items have sold, that’s everything that was left in our storage unit. Please have a look at the Ebay page I started and I wish you all a great holiday season and a powerful start to the new year! Much love, Barrett

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    2 days left.
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    If any of you Mad Season collectors are interested, here is the last test pressing for "Above: Deluxe Edition" that I found while cleaning out the last few things in our storage unit. We sold one of these test pressings last year, and this is the other one. The bidding starts today on Reverb so for you vinyl collectors, this is a rare find. Love to everyone, Barrett

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    I'm Barrett Martin, the drummer for Mad Season and the co-producer of this album. I recently cleared out my storage unit and found this test pressing for our remastered album, "Above: Deluxe Edition." I was in possession of 2 of these test pressings, the first one sold last year, and this is the last one. It was stamped on February 21st, 2013 and the matrix number is: 88765441701 with 2 LPs marked A/B and C/D. I'm happy to sign it if the buyer wishes me to do that (they are currently unsigned and in their original heavy plastic sleeves with a white cardboard outer sleeve).

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