Donna Grantis featuring Mike McCready – Trashformer b/w Violetta



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    Donna Grantis Releases New Music In Collab With Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready

    Posted January 3, 2019

    Acclaimed guitarist Donna Grantis, best known as the co-lead guitarist in Prince’s celebrated funk-rock band 3RDEYEGIRL, has released two new songs, “Trashformer” and “Violetta,” as a limited edition 7” with Hall of Fame Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready via his vinyl label HockeyTalkter Records. The tracks are off Grantis’ forthcoming album Diamonds & Dynamite, which is set for release in early 2019.

    The 7” highlights a collaboration between Grantis and McCready that was sparked in 2013 while Grantis was performing with Prince in his bands 3RDEYEGIRL and New Power Generation. She met McCready following a show at The Showbox in Seattle, WA and years later joined him and Pearl Jam on stage for a pair of shows in Grantis’ hometown of Toronto.

    Speaking about the release, Grantis notes, “It has been an incredible honor to collaborate with Mike on these songs. His playing has always been a huge inspiration—from the time I first picked up the guitar through to composing 'Trashformer' with this collaboration in mind. Mike adds a glorious solo on the outro of ‘TRASHFORMER’ that is absolutely electrifying and ambient sound effects throughout the B-side, ‘Violetta’ that are truly sublime. It was so much fun making this music!” McCready adds, “I had the great pleasure of seeing Donna play guitar with Prince and she was amazing! She is a phenomenal guitar player with a killer groove and instinct. I was honored to be asked to play on two of her songs, 'Trashformer' and ‘Violetta.' I’m stoked to be putting out both on limited 7-inch vinyl through my label, HockeyTalkter Records. Hope everyone enjoys the great groove and these sweet songs.”

    “Trashformer” and “Violetta” mark the first new music released by Grantis following her four-year tenure collaborating with Prince. She rehearsed, recorded, performed and toured with the iconic superstar from 2012-2016 and even composed the title track to Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL’s 2014 release, Plectrumelectrum, which reached #1 on the Billboard Rock Chart and was recorded live to tape at his historic Paisley Park Studios in Minnesota. Notable performances include three nights headlining the Montreux Jazz Festival, headlining the Essence Festival at a sold-out Superdome in New Orleans, and a historic performance at The White House for President Barack Obama and family. 

    Grantis’ current music marks a new direction for her as a bandleader—writing, arranging, producing and performing under her own name. Rooted in jazz improvisation, Grantis’ group creates a sound unique in today’s music scene—fusing incendiary guitar playing and Indian percussion that has been described by the Star Tribune as “New millennium jazz-rock fusion, sorta like Jeff Beck meets a post-modern Mahavishnu Orchestra.” Represented by IMN, Grantis will tour internationally in support of the album next year, starting January 5 in New York City with a performance at Winter Jazzfest NYC.


    Pickup the Vinyl here.

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    Photo by Karrah Kobus

    Photo by Karrah Kobus

    The other night I was listening to some jazz by a new kat introduced to me and I said that sounds like jazz, capital J jazz, cemetery institutional sealed done jazz. Jazz is not gone its still going as Jazz goes. New jazz oughta sound like jazz from the 50s sure but spilling through the 60s, 70s, 80s 90s, 00s gathering up channels and nuance, tech and grooves and all those experiences one would imagine an 80 year old would have. So folks, presenting Donna Grantis, about as now jazz as you can get now. The Prince collaborator, member of 3RDEYEGIRL and New Power Generation, has a solo album titled Diamonds & Dynamite coming March 22 on Entertainment One. Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready appears as a guest on a couple of tracks, which were already released as the A and B of a seven inch vinyl. Find it dig it listen.

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    I miss igotid88
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  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 57,167

  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 57,167

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    Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready also makes an appearance on two tracks. How did your paths cross?

    “We first met in Seattle when Prince and 3rdeyegirl played The Showbox. They came down to check us out, we met backstage and kept in touch. In May 2016, Mike and the band invited me on stage in my hometown of Toronto for their encore, Rockin' In The Free World.

    “We started talking about collaborating - he runs this boutique vinyl label called HockeyTalkter Records and they release seven-inch singles, so we thought it would be cool. I’m a huge fan of vinyl! I wrote the song Trashformer specifically for Mike… I wanted this giant build-up and leave a pocket for Mike to play into. What he played totally floored me; it knocks me out every time I hear it.”

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    " .. the album will be released on vinyl later this year .. "


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    Review: Ex-Prince guitarist Donna Grantis explores fusion

    Pablo Gorondi / The Associated Press

    This cover image released by eOne shows "Diamonds & Dynamite" a release by Donna Grantis. (eOne via AP)

    Donna Grantis, "Diamonds & Dynamite" (eOne)

    Like with Miles Davis or David Bowie, having played with Prince is an entry in a musician's resume that's worth a thousand recommendations. Canadian guitarist Donna Grantis spent four years in various capacities with the late artist who once changed his name to an unpronounceable glyph. Among other credits, Grantis wrote the title tune for "PlectrumElectrum," Prince's 2014 album with the group 3rdEyeGirl, which she was also part of.

    For this eight-track instrumental collection, she has teamed up with a trio of Minneapolis aces — drummer JT Bates, bassist Cody McKinney and keyboard player Bryan Nichols — as well as New York-based, Minneapolis-born tabla virtuoso Suphala.

    "Mr Majestic" is a mellow opener, with Grantis varying her guitar's volume to hover over a lush base provided by electric piano and Suphala's delicately high-pitched percussion. It's followed by the title track — a wide-ranging composition darting across the spectrum of funky, jazz-rock fusion — which Grantis says was, as the rest of the album, greatly influenced by her experiences with The Purple One.

    Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready adds fiery string work to "Violetta" and "Trashformer," two of the heaviest tracks on the record.

    Grantis saves one of the best and most dynamic tunes for last. "Elsa" closes the album with plenty of all-around movement, lively interplay between Suphala and Bates, a fuzzy keyboard solo and some nasty guitar tones.

    Recorded live-to-tape in just two days, a pace similar to that of many great jazz albums, "Diamonds & Dynamite" is an experimentally adventurous set, which contains ample evidence why Prince held Grantis in such high regard.

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    Finally gave the album a more focused listen last night, really enjoyed it, definitely going to be on regular rotation, along with Suites (though a much different beast, lol)!
    "The world is full of idiots and I am but one of them."

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    Thanks Applemusic for adding TRASHFORMER feat. Mike McCready to the Spectrum Jazz Playlist! 

    Listen here:

    & check out awesome new music by Snarky Puppy Donny McCaslin Esperanza Spalding Marcus Miller Forq Cory Henry & Ghost-Note. 

    eOne Music eOne Music Canada
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    Tix on sale for her Toronto show on June 24, smaller venue (600 people), now I need to figure out my +1, lol.
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    Thank you to the coolest record shop in town @electricfetusmpls for a great afternoon! Thank you to everyone who came out to say hello today! And thank you all for supporting the music: my latest album DIAMONDS & DYNAMITE and, by @idanielsenbass, TIME 2 STOP WORRYING (Bout the Weird Stuff). Signed copies of both albums are available at the shop, along with limited edition 7” transparent purple vinyl of TRASHFORMER backed with VIOLETTA featuring @mikemccreadypj.
    #meetandgreet #meet the artist #cdsigning #DIAMONDSandDYNAMITE #time2stopworryingbouttheweirdstuff #purplearmy

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    Man, I wish I’d known about this when it came out in 2006, Donna Grantis on guitar. Just got it today and it rocks pretty hard!

    Wasn’t sure where to put this, here seemed an appropriate place, lol.
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