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so Ive been on a No Code trip last month or so and listening to it 1-2 times a day. Just recently found the No Code show in Moline on you tube...luckey suckers!! So im wondering at what point do you realize whats happening? In the 2nd or 4th song...🤔 or did you know ahead of time they were planning this??...what are your thoughts on This  amazing night ?? Please share. What a dream it must have been...
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  • I'm afraid I was a little dense, so it took me about 5 songs to get from "Gee, they're really playing a lot of No Code tonight" to "Holy shit! They're playing No Code tonight!!!". A wonderful show. I'm incredibly lucky to have attended that one.
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    It hit me at Who you Are / In my Tree.  I was about 5 back center GA and that's when most everyone around figured it out.  
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    Smile is my favorite song on No Code.  I should know better than to post this, but here is my band's version.  

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