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Offering this poster either for sale or trade. I’ll trade it for anything on my list below, or sell it for $100 with shipping. (I’m marking it maybe a bit high to encourage a trade, but I’m also in Canada and shipping is $$$)

The tradesies list:

- Toronto 2 2016 Mark 5 Blue Jay somehow riding a bike poster

- Buffalo 2013 Mark 5 Crowned Buffalo with human hands poster

- Sao Paulo 2015 David Welker Poster

- Phoenix 2013 SIT (white version) Poster

- Any Vault vinyl (except 7)

- All black Falla Sheep 

If you have anything from this list and want to do a trade shoot me a message and it’s a go, don’t even have to tell me what it is, I’m happy to be surprised. 

Thanks for looking. 

The member formerly known as Scratched Vinyl
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    A box of unopened sheep?
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    This has been claimed. Thanks.
    The member formerly known as Scratched Vinyl
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