San Jose - Spartan Stadium - November 1995

Hi folks, before LO4L focuses our attention to Atlanta this Friday, once again we're fielding for stories and memories for our next show. The year - 1995. The city - San Jose. This was a show that was never originally a part of their tour circuit that year, but it ended up being a makeup show for the infamous Golden Gate Park incident. That's the show where Pearl Jam came out and played 7 songs but Eddie left the stage due to food poisoning. The rest of the night is filled in by the legendary Neil Young to the fans displeasure. They made it up to the fans that November and featured some future fan favorites songs that were just budding into form at the time.

As always, we're looking for people who attended this show or remember the food poisoning situation when it occurred. That goes for either show, we want to know about San Jose AND Golden Gate Park. If you have a good memory of what went down on either of those nights, either leave a comment here or go the ol' traditional route and send us an email at - [email protected] Thanks, and prepare for a killer Atlanta episode this Friday! (to check out any of our past shows, see links below in my signature)


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