Eddie Solo Shows from March 18-21, 2011

Hey All. Its been more than seven years, but I thought I'd take a shot. Was anyone at the gate waiting to meet Eddie before the last show on March 21, 2011? I was there with my then seven-month-old son, Vedder.  It was the first time Eddie met him, and I've been trying to get them back together since. Ed would ask about him when I saw him at solo shows, but it wasn't until last year that Vedder actually asked to meet Ed. We were at the Pilgrimage Festival outside Nashville, Tenn. and I was thinking it was going to be near impossible until I saw the same bodyguard that helped me get them together in Sydney. He remembered me, but seem less than enthusiastic about the possibility of making it happen. Ultimately it didn't happen, but I have not given up.
I was hoping that someone took a random photo of black guy holding a baby in front of the gate with Eddie.  I would love to have it. 
Can't wait to get back to Sydney!
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