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ADACHD Files and I-Tunes

I downloaded the Seattle shows in ADACHD because they're supposedly compatible with Apple. I utilize Itunes match, so any files I upload are available to stream (or download) on any of my other devices. With that being said, after I noticed that the files weren't showing up on my other devices, I converted them (more like 'copied') to the AAC format. The files show up in my library on my other devices, but are greyed out and unable to play. Has anyone else had experience with this?


  • I have an FLAC-HD show from 2014 that plays on my iMac through iTunes - the file specs match HD quality. Though I haven't tried playing it on other devices though. iTunes should be able to handle that HD playback, iPhones, iPods, etc., might be a different story.
  • utopiautopia Posts: 21
    Thank you for the feedback. Itunes plays the file fine, but itunes match won't play the songs on my other devices.
  • I would say there are some set in place limitations on files/bitrate when it comes to streaming from iTunes Match? @mrussel1 might know how to answer this.
  • mrussel1mrussel1 Posts: 19,279
    I don't use Apple often, in fact I"ve never heard of that format.  Is that the correct acronym?  Are you referring to ALACHD?
    Many devices cannot handle the bit rates and depth of ALAC or FLAC (HD or regular).  Phones are an example, the DACs that are built in cannot convert them.  And you can't just rename them, they need to be converted to a playable format using software.  If you are just trying to move the file from your computer to your iphone, using itunes, I would think it would be converted automatically.  If you are trying to use a non-Apple device, you would need to use a software converter like DB Poweramp (which is a tremendous tool to have period).

    1. Did you mean ALAC?
    2. What are the devices that you are trying to use them on where they are greyed out, and how did you move them there?

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