Gossard's older/ vintage Les Pauls

Anybody know here Gossard's vintage Les Paul's went? Seems to be like he stopped playing them in public sometime shortly after No Code. Notable to me were one or two burst customs, one of which had a rat silhouette sticker, and perhaps another one (or same guitar?) that had a "3" sticker on it. There was also a gold top custom with mini buckers which if I recall correctly he played in the Hunger Strike video. There may be a few more rare 'pauls  that I do not recall, but these 70's era customs, while fine instruments, are not particularly precious due to pancake bodies and volute necks. So, anybody know? He seems to be playing modern Les Paul's with bigsby's these days. I read something once that one of his Les Paul's got smashed: anybody know the details?


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    There's an interview somewhere I recall Stone saying he's perfectly happy to play reissues on the road.  He's didn't want to bring his fancy guitars on the road like Mike. 
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  • He played a gold LP in Lets Play Two, was wondering if its the same one he had back in the 90s
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