Toadies - Live at Billy Bob's

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Anyone heard this yet?
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    It's a hard listen.... Love Toadies, just seems like every live album put out could be better sound wise. I don't know, might just be me. If you listen to "Ryfolamf"  by Burden Brothers, that sounds better live. I don't understand why VTL doesn't put out a great sound quality of a Toadies live album.

    BB- Oh, Cecilia..... Great freaking song.....

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    Listened to LABB's last night. Sounded pretty damn good to me. I get what you mean about live Toadies releases, though. "Live from Paradise" is pretty ragged. "Rock Show" is a little better, but still not great.

    "Billy Bob's" is the best live recording I've heard from them. Cranked up late at night...goddamn right!
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    For all us North Texans, Toadies are playing Billy Bob's December 30. 
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    The video from the performance is available to stream on Amazon Prime
  • Enjoyed it, start to finish!
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