ISO: Thomas L Train

MyFathersSonMyFathersSon Chicago, ILPosts: 114
Good Morning All,
Like many of you, I have also been shut out of memorabilia for shows that I have been to.  Most recently the 2018 Wrigley shows.  I stood in line for many hours on three different occasions in the hopes of getting one of these posters.  I have been on the forum and facebook pages waiting for the poster to be dropped.  Well, it happened today! I went into the shop and the poster was sold out :( I know poor me!  LOL. 

Anyway, I obviously did not get one.  If anyone out in the PJ world has an extra I have cash.  I don't have much in terms of trade.  I only buy merch from shows I attend and I keep all of it.  I am have no problems paying a little extra.....but some of the prices on Ebay are outrageous. 

Thanks for taking the time to read the post, Let me know if you can help.

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