My Missoula 2018 Pics

hey all..just wanted to share my pics from the Missoula show. I always find myself up front at shows wanting to take pictures but I refuse to waste my time using an iphone. So I bought a new camera (Sony RX-100VI) just for the Seattle > Missoula run. Seattle security wouldn't let me bring it in, so Missoula was my only chance. Great venue, super nice people and a solid show.  Cindy and Brad it was nice meeting you both!! 

I hope you enjoy![email protected]/3Db94Q

All pics were taken in full auto and these are all untouched jpgs straight from the camera. Not too bad! 


  • These are great, thanks for sharing! You captured the moment when Ed shook about 10 lbs of sweat off.   That was cool. 
  • adusickadusick Posts: 1,313
    Wow, awesome pics, thanks for sharing. You must have been near our group - did you happen to catch any shots when Ed gave the tambourine to the young girl, mid-set?
  • thanks!   I would have to go back and look but I tried to grab all the usable pics. If its not in there it was either too blurry or I was trying to not be on my camera the entire time which didn't quite work out as planned. 
  • Great pics of a great show - thanks for posting
  • bosshogg18bosshogg18 Tacoma, WAPosts: 1,045
    Haha. I am in your first 2 pics. I am right of guy on phone in red shirt (back of my head). Thanks for sharing. 
  • Brian! These are great! Thanks for taking pics, so this short girl with an iPhone could just enjoy the concert. It was so nice to meet you and Karyn. What a show!
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