FT Seattle Shuss+ Chicago Ames or other trades for Fenway Klausen + Whalen :-)

Looking to trade my Seattle Shuss+ Chicago Ames for the Boston combo of Klausen + Whalen + maaaaayyybe if you have a boston sticker to throw in :-P

Would trade a Chicago Jackson for a Boston Whalen - i would throw in a sticker/coozie or something to juice this up
I would trade Chicago Ames + Seattle Faile for Fenway Klausen + Whalen

All this combining took some doing - so if im off the mark let me know xoxo

ALSO The damned skull shirts (both the green and the black long sleeve) are too small for me in L - anyone want to trade an L for XL. I haven't used them except to try them on (sadly well after the time of purchase)



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