Fundraiser Raffle for Allen Heath

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We are currently running a fundraising raffle for a fellow Pearl Jam fan, Allen Heath, who passed away suddenly in August. It is currently running on the Poster Parade Breakfast page on Facebook - if you're not a member, that's no problem. I'd be happy to send you details on how you can join. We are up to 108 prize options (some new ones are not yet listed below) and have already surpassed $3,000 in donations since we set this up yesterday. ALL of the proceeds will be going directly to his family. We are full for prize donations, but we are currently accepting raffle donations for the prizes, for which we will run a live drawing at a date/time TBD. Below are the details:

Allen Heath Fundraiser!! Please read all rules***

103 WINNERS! Link to All prizes:…

$10 entries, no limit, must be paid FRIENDS AND FAMILY! (***No Goods and services as we don't want the person collecting to have to pay taxes on a fundraiser. **)
-Post screenshot or proof of donation as you make it. Pay as you go, and don't waituntil the end. This will be open for a while, as we want to make sure we get enough entries to make it worth the value. remember FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!!!

-108 PRIZES!! 108 Winners! You can win as many times as you enter.

-Winners will be drawn by a live Random number generator after we close off entries at a later date. This means we will have a computer randomly select 100 winning numbers from whatever number of entries we have.

-Winners will be responsible in getting their address to the person whose donation they chose. Please contact them directly, so we aren't chasing down 200 people.

-100% of dontations will be going directly to the family of Allen.

-Entries will be kept on a spreadsheet and everyone will be given a number.

LETS GET IT ON! Pictures are in link above and pinned post.


Ben Stoudenmire Seattle '18 penant and pin

Rick Engelhoff Wrigley '18 Jackson poster

Ben Stoudenmire PJ NYC poster

Ben Stoudenmire J Hampton wheat paste lava foil

Ross Kott London '18 Sloan poster,

Ross Kott Signed Baseball card and coaster

Glenn Barber Wrigley '18 Ames poster

Tina M Shestag Seattle '18 Ames poster

Marcus Johnson Santiago '18 poster

John Robinson Amsterdam '18 night one poster

John Robinson Amsterdam '18 night two poster

Gino Vitella 5 packs Wrigley '16 baseball card

Jim Watson Seattle '18 Klausen poster

John Schaeffer Jackalope AP

John Schaeffer EV Pilgrimage AP

Joseph Larmour Wrigley '18 Jackson poster

Joseph Larmour Wrigley '18 Ames poster

Brandon Amos Chile '18 AP

Glenn Gunther Morrison foil, scratch and dent

Joe Micklas Buenos Aires '18 poster

Todd Michalski EV Buckle poster

Jeff Legates Philly '09 N3 poster

Chad Corcoran London '18 Sloan poster

Michael Parker Bioworkz Stormtrooper poster

Jim DiGiovanni Tampa '16 poster

Steven Labahn Wrigley '18 Thomas poster

Darren Conrad Chicago '09 poster

Freddy Pisapia Seattle '18 Faile poster

John Ericson Mumford Pixies AP

Greg Zacholl Chicago poster

John Hollow QOTSA Calgary Hampton AP

Ryan Gentry New York '15 Hale poster

Adam Budd South America '05 poster

Kal Hinz Wrigley '16 hat, 2 wristbands, patch

Paul Kapellas Seattle '13 Dface poster

Dayle Khamvongsa EV Benaroya '11 poster

Margaret Steele Seattle '18 Emek

Jason Victor MSG TOTD poster

Andy McCann zippos, slip mats, and emek shirts

Tyler Hanson Pemberton '16 poster

Tyler Hanson NYC '16 Welker poster

Tyler Hanson Bonnaroo '16 poster

Henkes Mulder Austin City Limits '14 poster

Daniel Ryan Wrigley '18 Ames AP

Shawn Healey Wrigley Rizzo hat & Miami flip flops

Ben Atamian Seattle '18 Shuss poster

Barney Bonair TOTD Lot #1

Barney Bonair TOTD Lot #2

Barney Bonair Wrigley Lot

Barney Bonair Fenway Lot

Barney Bonair Philly Lot

Barney Bonair Moline Lot

Gary D Sourifman PJ Milan 2018 SE

Paul Kapellas PJ Emek Seattle 2018

Kevin Stephenson Metallica Edmonton Alberta Signed

Kevin Stephenson 4 Stickman Coozies

Joni Johnson Pittides-Chords of Discontent foil

Jill Franklin PJ 2018 Wrigley pennant,bag, skully keychain

Kimberlee Morreale TBD

Calleigh Strong EADS - For the Birds

Calleigh Strong PJ night one London

Andy Farrimond PJ Wrigley 2016 Cliver Variant S/N

Kyle Moffatt EV Buckle poster AP

Jeremy Fefel/Glenn Gunther PJ 2012 Isle of Wight

Brad Stukins PJ 2018 Buenos Aires poster/sticker combo

Justin Risse PJ LA 2014

Thomas Wegh PJ Columbus

Vinnie Vrhovnik PJ B&B Zeb Love

Sacha L. Webb Tote, coozie, keychain, pin, stickers

Stephanie Lamberg Peterson EV Rocket ship

Ryan Hester PJ 2018 Seatle Home shows poster SE

Ryan Hester PJ tote

Dave Ryan EV Brisbane AP

Dave Ryan Pittides IT poster

Ben Stoudenmire Sperry WSP Oakland

Ryan Punak PJ Vacouver, Taylor 2013

Christopher Klimowicz 5 packs Wrigley '16 cards,

Calleigh Strong Feldman Mouse Catcher Triptych

Carl Bossler Joe Russo's Almost dead

Leslie Fitch Henrie MFC by Brian Methe

Michael Reilly PJ and My morning jacket Chicago

Brett Miller PJ Ames Las Vegas

Solar Jameson Sleepy Sun 2014 Poster

Ben Stoudenmire Women's PJ merch pack (large)

Ryan Hester PJ Shuss Fenway 16'

Brodie Verworn TBD

Joni Johnson EADS - Pass that

Andrew Dickerson Pixies - by Dan Stiles

Tyler Hanson PJ, Boston by Williams

Thomas Legear EV, 2014 Soa Paulo, AP

Timothy Shoobridge PJ Berlin *Corner damage*

Jason Victor 2018 Italian Stickers

Andy McCann PJ, Wrigley Fairclough AP *Slight ding*

Jessica Letterel-Rivera PJ myster bag

Belinda Roberts PJ, Philly Ten Show Emek

Thomas Talley Mystery Tube

John Gonsorick FOO Fighters Fudge

John Schaeffer Orpheum Vinyl

Alan R Safran PJ Wrigley Jackson,

Andy McCann PJ Fairclough AP 18'


  • Brane_of_JFKBrane_of_JFK MarylandPosts: 1,616
    We are up to 109 prizes and over $3500 in donations so far. Again, if you're interested in entering the raffle, please let me know!
  • Brane_of_JFKBrane_of_JFK MarylandPosts: 1,616
  • Brane_of_JFKBrane_of_JFK MarylandPosts: 1,616
    UPDATE: Thanks to everyone on here who have made donations thus far, it is greatly appreciated! We have set a deadline for entries to be this Friday 9/21 with a live drawing on Sunday 9/23, time TBD. 

    We have also added quite a few prizes, available only to those who have 20+ entries, including a PJ emek telluride AP, EADS For the Birds Foil and a PJ Soto Sydney AP.
  • Brane_of_JFKBrane_of_JFK MarylandPosts: 1,616
  • Brane_of_JFKBrane_of_JFK MarylandPosts: 1,616
    2 days left!
  • Brane_of_JFKBrane_of_JFK MarylandPosts: 1,616
    Deadline is midnight tomorrow
  • Brane_of_JFKBrane_of_JFK MarylandPosts: 1,616
    edited September 2018
    UPDATE: Today is the last day we will accept entries - deadline is midnight tonight!

    Just a reminder, to everyone who makes a donation for 20+ spots, you will be in the running for these prints below - PJ Telluride EMEK AP, PJ Sydney Soto AP and an EADS For the Birds Foil AP. These prizes are only available to those who purchase 20 spots, and those same people will also be eligible for the other 114 prizes up for grabs this weekend!

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